BROQUE 2005 by robbinschilds

By robbinschilds
Performed by Layla Childs, Rachael Faulkner, Michael Helland, Leslie Kraus, Sonya Robbins
Original score by The Malarkies
Lighting design by Brian Aldous
Costume design by Ellis Kreuger
Set design by robbinschilds
Set fabrication by AJ Blandford

Sundown Salon curated by Fritz Haeg, April 25, 2005 (Los Angeles)
Dance Theater Workshop 40 Forward, November 7, 2005 (New York)

A psychadelic study of the extra-pedestrain, BROQUE investigates the choreographers’ obsession with public spaces, hotel hallways, airport walkways, camouflage and filigree. The piece, which features a set made of wallpaper and matching costumes, follows four characters enclosed in a corridor-like structure. Utilizing an intricate, highly structured movement vocabulary, the dancers individual characteristics, initially disguised by their landscape, gradually become revealed. In this contained environment, the role of camouflage is particularly emphasized, as the performers literally blend into their backdrop. The piece was re-staged in April 2005, and installed to fit inside the unusual performance venue of Fritz Haeg’s geodesic dome, in his Sundown Salon series in Los Angeles, CA.

Photos by Matt Porter and AL Steiner