Bauer Hour: RECESS 2015 with Eleanor Bauer

Bauer Hour: RECESS
Hosted by Eleanor Bauer with Michael Helland
Kaaistudio’s (Brussels) April 21, 2015

It’s RECESS Time! Spring is Here! Have you done your seasonal liver cleanse/detox/juice fast? Has domestic Spring cleaning begun? Are your 2014 tax returns finished? Have you raged through Spring Break like it’s 1999 MTV Beach House and still feel trashed? Have you been working since January without pause? Are you contemplating, resisting, ignoring, or running with the Speed of Contemporary Life? Do you need a day at the spa but have 100 reasons why you don’t have one? If you’ve answered ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ or ‘Who’s asking?’ to any of the above, RECESS is for you! Let’s find out what RECESS really stands for!

Bauer Hour is a talk show, variety show, shit show, parlor show, all or none of the above and also an experiment. A space and time for whatever seems most important now and not later. An occasion to practice the unknown, to share the musings and amusings that decorate life and need a place to go at night so they don’t cause insomnia, a container for the things that end with ‘you heard it here first.’ Bauer Hour is not about Bauer, it’s all about the guests… within the ruckus frame of Bauer, of course.” – Eleanor Bauer

The Bauer Hour invitation helped to catalyze RECESS, an ongoing form of research-in-action by Michael Helland.

RECESS photo by Michael Helland