RECESS: ZSenne Salon 2017 with Michael Helland

RECESS: ZSenne Salon
ZSenne art lab (Brussels) September 12-23, 2017
Open Tuesday through Saturday 13h-21h, last entrance at 19h
Each evening features a special ceremonial event at 19h

Hosted by Michael Helland with Hugo Mega, Jackie Elder, Kennis Hawkins, Meri Pajunpää, and Nelle Hens
With s
pecial guests Colin Wolf and Thomas Proksch

RECESS: ZSenne Salon is a pop-up urban sanctuary in the heart of Brussels, a temporary place to explore the edge between contemporary performance and the healing arts. The hybrid-spa-theater-exhibition space is open to visitors throughout the day, those who may wish to come play, converse and enjoy a variety of impromptu rituals and experiences – from a fresh squeezed lemon juice detox and a meditative acupressure treatment, to a fireside aromatherapy infused chat, and beyond. This is a space to share bodily attention, anchored by a passion for self care and well being. Drop by the exhibition anytime with an open mind and body for a duration of your own choice.

RECESS: ZSenne Salon also features a special curation of ceremonial events and workshops led by a handful of local practitioners. Dance artists who nourish an active practice adjacent to their creative work are invited to share a straight-up or twisted version of this specialty – from yoga, shiatsu, herbology, autohypnosis, and beyond. This is an opportunity to explore the healing arts beyond the frame of individual consumerism and classical expertise, in favor of creating unique group experiences within a creative commons. To participate in the evening workshops simply make sure to arrive before 19h, as the gallery doors will close to newcomers thereafter.

12.09 Opening Vibrations, sound bath meditation with Colin Wolf
13.09 Somatic Dream Dance, guided visualization with Hugo Mega
14.09 Entering Alpha, active meditation with Michael Helland
15.09 Ont-moeten/Meeting, ritual workshop with Nelle Hens
16.09 Becoming Crystalline, active meditation with Michael Helland

19.09 Listening Hands, shiatsu-inspired workshop with Meri Pajunpää
20.09 New Moon in Virgo, ritual event with Kennis Hawkins
21.09 Juicing the Juice, cold-pressed juice tasting with Jackie Elder
22.09 Intro to Herb Infused Oil, hands-on workshop with Kennis Hawkins
23.09 Closing Vibrations, DJ ritual meditation with Thomas Proksch

RECESS: ZSenne Salon is performed by light of day in a semi-public setting located on the ground floor of a highly visible exhibition space. As such, RECESS: ZSenne Salon endeavors to become a dynamic demonstration of ongoing embodied investigation, a living document to activate and enchant the world around it. Be welcome.

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The ZSenne Salon installation and workshop series is extracted from RECESS an ongoing form of research-in-action by Michael Helland.

RECESS photo by Michael Helland