Land Connection Practices with Daniel Linehan

Land Connection Practices
With Daniel Linehan and Michael Helland
Embodied movement practices in the great outdoors

Hiatus @ Forest Park (Brussels) July 15, 2020
Hiatus @ Tour & Taxis Park (Brussels) July 18, 2020
Hiatus @ Ninove Gate Park (Brussels) July 29, 2020
PARTS @ Duden Park (Brussels) August 26-28, 2020
La Raffinerie @ Ninove Gate Park (Brussels) October 3, 2020
Hiatus/Kaaitheater @ Sonian Forest (Brussels) August 28-29, 2021

During Land Connection Practices Daniel Linehan and Michael Helland guide embodied movement practices to help us to connect with our senses and with our environment. We create time for physical play and moments of urban meditation, to re-connect to our bodies and to our surroundings inside the space of a park. A park is a human-cultivated place, but also a place that responds to a basic human need to connect with the more-than-human, with green grass and blue sky and the wild beings that fly above and burrow below. We will stand, walk, listen, talk, and move together to inhabit a place in the here and now, with our full bodies and our open attention. Land Connection Practices are accessible for everybody, professional dancers, amateurs, artists or non-artists alike, be welcome!

Land Connection Practices are produced by Hiatus, with Hanne Doms and Ecaterina Vidick, in collaboration with our local parks and creative partners.  These site-sensitive and pandemic-responsive workshops are ready to move… interested in a Land Connection Practice near you?  Contact us at Hiatus!