Land Connection Practices 2020-2023 with Daniel Linehan & Michael Helland

Land Connection Practices
With Daniel Linehan and Michael Helland
Embodied movement practices in the great outdoors

Hiatus @ Forest Park (Brussels) July 15, 2020
Hiatus @ Tour & Taxis Park (Brussels) July 18, 2020
Hiatus @ Ninove Gate Park (Brussels) July 29, 2020
PARTS @ Duden Park (Brussels) August 26-28, 2020
La Raffinerie @ Ninove Gate Park (Brussels) October 3, 2020
Hiatus/Kaaitheater @ Sonian Forest (Brussels) August 28-29, 2021
Bos+ @ De Hoge Rielen (Belgium) October 22-24, 2021
Bos+ @ De Hoge Rielen (Belgium) September 30 to October 2, 2022
Dr. Forest @ Meise Botanical Gardens (Belgium) May 11, 2023
Les Nuits des Forêts (Normandie) June 17, 2023
Art Climate Transition Symposium @ Toynbee Studios (London) June 28-29, 2023

For Land Connection Practices, Michael Helland and Daniel Linehan propose activities in which you nurture the connection between your body and the earth, considering how our bodies are made from the same minerals, waters, and elements as this earth which is our home.

You will explore movement exercises that connect you to the dynamic surroundings, and awareness exercises that open up your senses and bring you toward full embodiment in the here and now, exercises that connect you to your breath as you allow the breath to nourish your sense of vitality. This is a chance to let go and receive your surroundings, as well as a chance to wake up and be enlivened by the energy of the other living beings around us. Forests and parks are places that responds to a basic human need to connect with the more-than-human, with the green trees and the blue sky and the wild beings that fly above and burrow below.

Land Connection Practices are produced by Hiatus in collaboration with our partners.

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Photo by Caroline Lessire