Seriously Heavy 2006 by robbinschilds

Seriously Heavy (i hurt myself hurting you)
By robbinschilds in collaboration with the Company
Performance by Rebecca Brooks, Layla Childs, Michael Helland, Rachael Faulkner, and Sonya Robbins
Lighting design by Brian Aldous
Original sound design by Rosten Woo

The Autumn Bowl, June 15-17 2006 (Brooklyn)

This evening length work delves deep into the world of heartache, rejection, and insufferable discomfort to ponder the question: how the hell can we ever get out of this? Set way down in the depths of the Autumn Skate Bowl, an indoor wooden pit built inside a historic factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the quintet depicts an arresting portrait of all dark matters of the heart. Jealously, infidelity, anger, hate, martyrdom, cruelty, repulsion; you name it, a sure fire recipe for extreme self-loathing and destruction. robbinschilds’ site-reactive piece uses the sunken bowl as an architectural metaphor for sadness. Combining the choreographers inventive, quirky movement style with a healthy dose of irreverent humor, Seriously Heavy leads the audience through manic highs and lows, the peaks and valleys of the general topography of love.

Photos by AL Steiner and Alex Escalante