Brink 2006-2010 curated by Michael Helland

Dixon Place performance series curated by Michael Helland

Brink is a two-night shared-evening platform at Dixon Place, curated by Michael Helland from 2006 to 2010. For artists on the ‘brink’ of a new idea or on the ‘brink’ of an upcoming production, Brink provides an alternative to New York’s fly-by-night-wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am-in-and-out-next-please-no-time-for-tech downtown dance showcase circuit.  It can be the first shot at making longer form work or simply a place to experiment with some new ideas. Participating artists are encouraged to meet in advance to help set the stage for their works’ adjacency.

asubtout: Nouveage Fantasy Death Metal Poperetta
Lynn Neuman: I am nothing (without you)
December 8-9, 2006

Laura Berlin Stinger: Starve
Nancy Forshaw-Clapp: Yes, the answer is yes Carla!
March 10-11 2007

Lise Serrell with Becky Serrell: Again, The morning of our jocund hunt
Regina: I’ve Got What You Want
June 1-2, 2007

Karinne Keithley: I’m a Plant
Rebecca Brooks: I love it when you yell at me or raise your voice for no specific reason!
August 4-5, 2007

Larissa Velez: Making Ends Meet
Pedro Jimenez: no show
October 26-27, 2007

Beth Gill: work-in-progress
Isabel Lewis: work-in-progress
February 27-28, 2008

Levi Gonzalez: Practice
Miriam Wolf: The Horrible Truth Inside Us All
Presented in partnership with the Dixon Place HOT Festival
August 5-6, 2008

Christine Elmo: Ann Liv Young I love you (how ugly are you with your clothes off)
MGM Grand: Felicia Ballos, Biba Bell, Jmy Leary & Robert McNeill
December 19-20, 2008

Rachel Bernsen: Unicorns were Horses
robbinschilds: Really Intense Piece
January 28-29, 2009

Anna Sperber: work-in-progress
Milka Djordjevich: work-in-progress
May 19-20, 2009

Anna Azrieli: Belly
Katie Workum: Herkimer Diamonds
Sarah Beth Percival: It’s Only Rock n’Roll
October 21-22, 2009

Renée Archibald: Undecided
Stacy Grossfield: Reality Sandwiches
April 7-8, 2010


Karinne Keithly

BRINK: Karinne Keithly 2007

Rebecca Brooks

BRINK: Rebecca Brooks 2007

BRINK Velez and  Jimenez

BRINK: Gill and Lewis

BRINK Gonzalez and Wolf


BRINK Bernsen robbinschilds

BRINK Azrieli, Workum, Percival

BRINK: Stacy Grossfield

BRINK: Stacy Grossfield 2010