Dancing 9 to 5 2007 with Fritz Haeg

Dancing 9 to 5
By Fritz Haeg
With Felicia Ballos, Olive Bieringa, Alex Escalante, DD Dorvillier, Levi Gonzalez, Paige Gratland, Michael Helland, Daniel Linehan, Juliette Mapp, Jennifer Monson, Kayvon Pourazar, Otto Ramstad, robbinschilds, and Flora Wiegmann

The Whitney Museum of American Art Altria, January 17, 2007 (New York)

What happens when vital bodies introduce new and thoughtful ways of moving into a space where people are perhaps least aware of their bodies and how they are moving? From 9am until 5pm on Wednesday January 17, 2007,  Los Angeles’s Sundown Schoolhouse will temporarily take over the Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria’s Sculpture Court on Park Avenue in New York. This frenetic public space flowing with office workers will be a site for dance workshops and classes of many kinds offered throughout the day. In this corporate office across from Grand Central Station in midtown Manhattan in the middle of the winter we think New Yorkers will be eager for new ways to move! Dance and movement will weave its way into the existing landscape and movement patterns of the public space. Some classes and workshops will be offered specifically for corporate office workers, some for professional dancers and many others are geared for all levels. Fifteen dancers, choreographers and movement artists are invited to lead workshops for Dancing 9 to 5. They come from New York, Los Angeles and beyond. They are offering workshop/clinic/class projects that have been developed and offered just for this day and this space.

Photo by AL Steiner