Actions 2008-2010 with Big Art Group

Concept and direction by Big Art Group
Performance by Michael Helland and Company 

Balloon Sacrifice 
Glasslands, March 2008 (Brooklyn)
Spank Party at The Vault, April 2008 (New York)
CUNY Prelude Festival at Chorus Karaoke, September 2008 (New York)
Wildness, April 2009 (Los Angeles)

Dance of Light 
Futurist Cabaret at Norwood, October 2008 (New York)
Futurist Cabaret at Usine C Nuit Blanche, February 2009 (Montreal)

Cinema Fury 
Théâtre Garrone with Theo and the Skyscrapers, July 2008 (Toulouse)
The New Museum Rhizome curated by Nick Hallett, January 2010 (New York)

Big Art Group SOS

Balloon Sacrifice 2008

Balloon Sacrifice photos courtesy Big Art Group

Dance of Light

Dance of Light 2009

Dance of Light photos courtesy Big Art Group

Cinema Fury 2010

Cinema Fury 2010 photo by AL Steiner

Cinema Fury photos by AL Steiner