RECESS: Becoming Crystalline 2018 with Michael Helland

RECESS: Becoming Crystalline
Immersive workshop by Michael Helland
Welt ohne Außen at Gropius Bau (Berlin) June 2225, 2018

In Becoming Crystalline participants are engaged with a diverse set of active meditations intended to increase cellular vibration, conjuring the magickal alpha state and infusing the body with light. We draw dark energy from below and bright energy from above as we work to untether imposed binaries, balancing and unblocking the kaleidoscope of light flowing through our rainbow bodies. As an embodied manifestation in search of 21st century enlightenment, Becoming Crystalline offers gifts for self-observation and study to help re-enchant the senses and the world around us.

The Becoming Crystalline workshop is an extraction from RECESS, an ongoing form of research-in-action by Michael Helland.

RECESS photo by Michael Helland (4)