PURE 2018 by Christian Bakalov

PURE by Christian Bakalov
With an evolving cast of performers including Tatyana Petrova, Demir Berisha, Michael Helland, Giulia Ledda, Emmanuel Amar, and Pili Alvarez, among others
Kanal-Pompidou (Brussels) July 15-August 19, 2018, 15h-19h
KAAP (Brugges) Unsettled, October 6-7, 2018, 11h-17h
Kanal-Pompidou (Brussels) November 30-December 2, 2018, 12h-18h
De Markten (Brussels) Through Art We Care, Performatik, February 28-March 28, 2019, 12h-18h

PURE is an immersive performative installation that investigates the influence of imagination and narratives on our perception of reality and their impact on the relations that compose « Me » and the « others things » .

Guided on a parcours made of permanent situations and latent visual compositions, the audience activates these living pictures simply by incorporating their physical presence into it. With each personal background and history coming into play, visitors are invited to explore the various ways by which we design our reality, ranging from how we choose to construct an image, to our more unconscious hopes, fears or desires.

Swaying between visual arts and performance, PURE generate interactions between bodies and objects and creates situations in which the audience, the performers and the installations has equal function into a common art object. The bodies of the visitors and the performers are the main material which compose the visual installations that transforms through time. Considering “the performance” as a event which takes place in various spaces of one location, PURE involve all the protagonists (professionals / amateur performers and visitors) into mutual activity.

PURE is created as a unique « parcours » in each theatre, gallery or other presentation context. This creation takes place during a workshop of 3 days with local volunteers and performers. The workshop is open at any moment to be observed or joined by new volunteers. After visiting the installation, every visitor have the possibility to participate as a performer for the following presentations.

PURE is the second part of the trilogy ETERNIA developed from the Spinoza’s concept of « Eternity » and is closely linked to birth and death.