Nobody’s Dance 2019 for Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Nobody’s Dance with Michael Helland and Hugo Mega
Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels) May 20-24, 2019

Nobody’s Dance is an open source platform initiated by Eleanor Bauer, Ellen Söderhult, and Alice Chauchat in 2015 that has been adopted and carried forth in various iterations by varied groups of performing arts practitioners worldwide. It aims at the sharing of methods and artistic practices. Performers, artists and dancers can meet on equal grounds to share practical tools and knowledge: a specific form of warming up; a personal method of composition; a practice. Nobody’s Dance exists to facilitate a space for lateral exchange outside of the economies of workshops and creations. Each participant has the possibility to propose a practice to share, and to be nourished by the others, according to a schedule that is done every day by the group. In the act of sharing, the practice becomes Nobody’s, a deliberate negation of the notions of ownership and individualism. Michael Helland and Hugo Mega will facilitate Nobody’s Dance sessions in Brussels during Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

Photo by Francoise Robert courtesy KFDA