Tending & Tuning 2019-2023 with Daniel Linehan & Michael Helland

Tending and Tuning
A workshop with Daniel Linehan and Michael Helland

CND Pantin (Paris) June 24-28, 2019
La Raffinerie (Brussels) January 18-22, 2021
La Raffinerie (Brussels) January 17-21, 2022
CND Pantin (Paris) June 20-24, 2022
Hiatus (Brussels) November 21-24, 2022
ImPulsTanz (Vienna) July 17-21, 2023

For Tending and Tuning, Linehan and Helland draw upon 15+ years of shared performance experience, reflecting and elaborating upon diverse dance scores and physical practices. Favorite pre-performance rituals become a playground for cultivating both subtle and robust forms of attention and engagement with ourselves and our surroundings, as we connect with our immediate environment to inspire new ways of moving and being. From theater to gallery and beyond, we explore performance as a hybrid medium to discover the edges of bodily consciousness, shared physical presence, and sense of place. We return to the fundamentals of the body in motion: breath, circularity, vibration, and waves of catharsis. With an eye on longevity and vitality, we work to embody radical resiliency through creative care-taking and otherworldly movement-based adventures.