Queer Sensual Improv 2019 with Michael Helland

Queer Sensual Improv
Movement-based workshop with Michael Helland
Artist Commons House VDH Studio
June-November 2019, Selected Tuesdays, 19-21h [stay tuned for 2020]

Queer Sensual Improv is a movement-based liberation practice for adventurous players and free spirits. Through guided visualization and physical exercise, we work our way through the primary energetic centers of the body to unlock states of sensuality, freedom, and desire. As singular expressions of an interconnected whole, we seek to move and be moved by others – as we reclaim the immediacy and power of our dancing bodies. Queerness of identity, aesthetic, or just happy to be living outside the box – all participants are welcome. Come with an open mind and clothing you can move freely in.

For more information Contact Michael. Suggested contribution of 10-15 euros per session, no registration needed. Doors open around 18h30, please arrive before 19h as latecomers will not be admitted. House VDH Studio is located at Rue des Pierres 6, above Boonefooi. GO THERE NOW