Temporary Body Worker Union 2019 with Michael Helland

Temporary Body Worker Union
Workspacebrussels, September 23-27, 2019

Temporary Body Worker Union is a platform for knowledge production and creative exchange amongst self-identified body-workers. As practitioners dedicated to exploring notions of embodiment, consciousness, and presence, we come together in the spirit of solidarity to explore choreographies for collective and self-care. As creative agents navigating the emergent attention-based economy, we activate this temporary union as a laboratory and playground to help build resilience and bolster our independent endeavors in the healing arts. We take a hands-on approach, workshopping our favorite bodily rituals and restorative treatments, as we seek to improve our craft and discover connections between our adjacent practices. Let us gather to unpack our shared treasure trove of embodied knowledge, cultivate synergy, and amplify our wellness initiatives inside the pop-up sanctuary of Temporary Body Worker Union.

Interested to participate? The frame for Temporary Body Worker Union has a permeable form, wherein visitors are welcome to drop-in to join the research-in-action alongside the core team. Keep reading for additional information, and Contact Michael to express your interest.

Morning Practice: Each morning from 10h-13h those present propose whichever exercises, techniques, or experiences they would like to offer to the others, either one-on-one or in small groups, and from these inputs we design our collective flow. This could mean weaving back and forth between modules, or someone might take the lead for a sustained period of time. This is a chance to share practices and create the opportunity for peer-to-peer feedback on a high level. The unique intersection of practices opens a dynamic body-based conversation beyond established forms.

Afternoon Research: From 14h-18h, after lunch break, we enter into a co-working space. Each participant briefly presents which books, articles, or topics they plan to independently investigate. Then we take the time to read or write or study or whatever, for an hour or two, before coming back together for the last hour or two to share what we have thus discovered. We hold space for mutual concentration, met with an opportunity to practice articulating freshly gained knowledge and insights, in an intersectional format that deepens and expands our dynamic inquiries.

Temporary Body Worker Union is made in collaboration with workspacebrussels