Yoga Stories with Matt & Monica 2021 Podcast

Listen to the podcast Yoga Stories: Michael published December 16, 2021

“Born in the US Pacific Northwest, Michael was a bookish child, not so comfortable in his body. He grew up in a loving family, but one that had no specific religious or spiritual practice. Realising he was good at school work, he decided to be really good at school. This eventually led to a full ride scholarship to University.

It was while at college that he discovered dance, and took his first yoga class. Soon he was a regular at the local Bikram studio, as well as adding dance to his degree programme, resulting in a double degree – in Dance and Community & Environmental Planning. He was soon off to New York City to live the life of an artist (and working a number of jobs at the same time, as many do).

Michael followed his partner to Brussels and has been there for ten years. A graduate of the Conscious Living yoga teacher training course at Yyoga, he now teaches there (and Matt has taken one of his classes). Join us to hear about Michael’s journey to become comfortable in his body, his life as an artist, what he thinks of Tantra, and “spiritual activism”. A delightful guest, Michael is engaging and enlightening.”