Circles of Care presentation for PodiumKunsten 2022

Circles of Care presentation by Michael Helland in collaboration with Hiatus & PodiumKunsten
24 January 2022 at Ultima Vez (Brussels)

Download the full Circles of Care presentation [PDF]

In late-2021 I had spoken with Hiatus about organizing a studio- based version of our online Collective Care Circles, a Collective Care Circle version 2.0, draft description as follows:

Collective Care Circles are fun group rituals to help vibrate the senses and socially connect in a novel and creative way.  Together we cultivate special forms of attention and a sense of place through processes of attunement and care-based practices.  Anchored by physical practices, active meditations, and choreographic games, the workshops are accessible to all walks of life and abilities.  The circles are intended for a dedicated team (a closed circle) that commits to a regular weekly meeting for several weeks.

As we began to brainstorm and seek for potential partners, Hanne (Hiatus) came into conversation with Christa (PodiumKunsten), who was sparked by the possibility and spirit of the project. We met altogether with Nathalie, and although hosting such workshops is not within the mission of PodiumKunsten, we agreed that an adapted presentation in relation to these future Collective Care Circles could be valuable as a training for performing arts professionals and align well with their well-being and mental health initiative WeMeet.

So, in a sense ‘Circles of Care’ is a special one-off adaptation of the ‘Collective Care Circle’ initiative, intended to give a taste and insight into some of the thinking and motivations for the project, with the intention of this session described as follows:

Circles of Care is aimed at anyone with an interest in holistic work relations and establishing a culture of well-being at work – dancers and choreographers as well as other professionals in the performing arts field, managers, and confidants. As a dance company intent to blur the edges of what dance can become, Hiatus invites you to discuss choreography as an expanded social practice, with the potential to foster body-mind connections and reinforce our communities. We will provide specific examples of active listening exercises, sensitivity training, and approaches to teamwork that encourage principles of co-intelligence, emergence, and mutual aid – as we seek to bring balance and vibrancy to our personal and professional lives.

Especially given our current period of immense cultural and ecological disruption, we gather in the spirit of care with this extended circle of performing arts colleagues to refresh our sense of purpose and celebrate the many potentials of embodied investigation. We hope to give you the tools to invite some fresh sparks of possibility for yourself and your work environment.

The session was originally scheduled for late-2021 and shifted to early-2022.

Download the full Circles of Care presentation [PDF]

Hiatus image by Danny Willems