Collective Care Circles 2022 with Hiatus

How do embodied care practices help us towards greater sensitivity, connectivity and resilience in the performing arts community and beyond?

The dance company Hiatus has developed a series of care-based practices aimed at reinforcing the well-being of our artists, collaborators, and greater community.

Michael Helland of Hiatus invites you for a practical sharing and immersive introduction into a selection of these embodied practices, which have helped nourish our creative process and inspire a culture of care in all of the work that we do.

Collective Care Circles are fun group rituals to help vibrate the senses and socially connect in a novel and creative way. Together we cultivate special forms of attention and a sense of place through processes of attunement and care-based practices. Anchored by physical practices, active meditations, and choreographic games, the workshops are accessible to all walks of life and abilities. The circles can be geared towards a spontaneous group as a one-time offering, or adapted for a dedicated team that commits to meeting on a regular basis, diving more deeply into the dance of life.

With a playful intention to blur the edges of what dance can become, we make a guided adventure into choreography as an expanded social practice, with the creative potential to foster body-mind connections and reinforce the communities we move through.

We will explore active listening exercises, sensitivity training, and approaches to teamwork that encourage principles of co-intelligence, emergence, and mutual aid – as we seek to bring balance and vibrancy to our personal and professional lives.

Especially given our current period of immense cultural and ecological disruption, we gather in the spirit of care with an extended circle of colleagues, supporters, and enthusiasts to refresh our sense of purpose and celebrate the myriad potentials of embodied investigation. 

These circles are a special offering for folks with an interest in promoting holistic community relations and reinforcing a culture of well-being in the workplace and beyond – dancers and choreographers as well as other professionals in the performing arts field, managers, and confidants – holding a unique space to allow ourselves to be seen, to speak, and to be listened to.

We hope to give you immediate practical tools and embodied insights to invite some fresh sparks of possibility for yourself and those near to you in all that you do.

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Image by Kevin Fay